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Drywall repair and installation

Drywall needs to be repaired from time to time due to water damage, cracks, peeling, holes, or dings. The repair can be a standalone project, or it can be in preparation for a pending interior painting or wallpapering job. If you find that your walls need a little TLC, call us at Genesis Pro Painting for an online estimate or an expert execution of drywall repairs and installation in Westchester County, NY, and surrounding areas. Sometimes rearranging the position of furniture, paintings, outlets, or clocks might expose the previously covered wall as having nail holes, chair dings, or uneven paint color due to sun exposure. Depending on the size and number of holes, repairs by drywall contractors in Westchester, NY, could range from a few minutes to a day or more of labor. Patching, spackling, or taping may require multiple applications as well as extensive sanding to get it just right.

Having the correct products, tools, and experience can be the difference between fixing the problem the correct way the first time or not. To avoid having to re-work the project as a result of an inadequate solution, call Genesis Pro Painting for an expert consultation. Repair work to fix water damage must address both the damage's appearance and assure that its cause is mitigated or resolved. If indeed, the drywall repair is in preparation for a paint job, it is even more important to have a flawless wall that is smooth and primed. Having paint-ready walls will ensure that subsequent color adhesion and color will be what you expect and will last a long time.

We offer high-quality repairs guaranteed not to crack or peel for two years. To prevent future bubbling, we seal drywall that has had its top layer removed due to wallpaper or self-sticking adhesive. For larger holes, we patch with drywall rectangles or squares as needed, attach to wooden boards behind the wall, cover with mesh and compound, and sand to an undetectable, smooth finish for the visible and touchable surface. For textured walls, we offer expert matching of your desired surface.  We skim coat areas with lots of holes (mudrooms). We apply skip trowel as needed and sand to the smoothest, level surface. Do review our numerous testimonials or take a look at our many successfully completed projects. Our goal is to add your endorsement to our growing list of satisfied Westchester, NY, customers once we’ve completed your

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Amy Rinzler
Amy Rinzler
12:26 16 Mar 23
Genesis was prompt, communicative, very neat and completed the job on time and beautifully. They were all a pleasure to work with!
Maile S
Maile S
23:10 24 Feb 23
We had a fantastic experience with Genesis Pro Painting & Restoration! Rodrigo and the rest of his team were very friendly, efficient, and profesional. They always left our place very clean & tidy, which we definitely appreciated as we have a puppy. The team was responsive and flexible with any repairs that needed to get done prior to painting, and the actual paint job looks amazing. We will definitely be using Genesis in the future as they made the whole process incredibly smooth from start to finish!
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