Dry Rot and Wood Repairs in Katonah, NY

Carpentry and dry rot repairs

Two types of air masses significantly affect the New York weather. A warm and humid one from the southwest and a cold and dry one from the northwest. Unfortunately, this weather combination is prone to developing fungus issues in wooden houses. Moisture is the enemy of wood in homes and is usually the reason for dry rot. Mixed with the warm weather, wood becomes a breeding ground for fungus. Homeowners should check their property regularly for dry rot. An outbreak must be contained immediately to prevent the spreading of the fungus. Catching it early may also mean replacing a board or two rather than doing major repairs.

Signs of Dry Rot

Wood with the fungus can appear warped, soft, and spongy to the touch or when stepped on. If the rot is on a back deck then it is usually easier to see than on siding and soffits.  

Carpentry and dry rot repairs

progresses, the fungus can actually begin to appear underneath the surface of the walls like grey wiggling, zagging lines. Then these zagging lines can bloom out from the wall in corners and spread from there. At this stage, you will also begin to find reddish-orange spore dust. This means that the spores are now traveling through the house in the air. If your home is in this condition please give us a call immediately. Though this type of fungus is not considered toxic, dry rot has been associated with asthma is children and elderly adults when researchers conducted both skin and bronchial tests. This type of mold irritates the lung tissues causing sudden asthma attacks. Fixing a dry rot problem, especially if it’s in the advanced stages, can have a tremendous impact on the health of your family members and the people in your home. The North-East weather is a breeding ground for fungus to grow on wood in homes. At Genesis Pro Painting, our skilled craftsmen are prepared to help you with dry rot and wood repairs, and even painting after the repairs are done. Give us a call.

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Amy Rinzler
Amy Rinzler
12:26 16 Mar 23
Genesis was prompt, communicative, very neat and completed the job on time and beautifully. They were all a pleasure to work with!
Maile S
Maile S
23:10 24 Feb 23
We had a fantastic experience with Genesis Pro Painting & Restoration! Rodrigo and the rest of his team were very friendly, efficient, and profesional. They always left our place very clean & tidy, which we definitely appreciated as we have a puppy. The team was responsive and flexible with any repairs that needed to get done prior to painting, and the actual paint job looks amazing. We will definitely be using Genesis in the future as they made the whole process incredibly smooth from start to finish!
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