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There’s a famous scene in Monthy Python and the Holy Grail, where in order to cross the rickety-looking Bridge of the Death, the crusaders must correctly answer three questions posed by the “bridge keeper.” The keeper asks harder questions to some and easier questions to others, presumably based upon whether he likes them or not. One knight is asked: “what is your favorite color”?  He initially responds blue; he then switches to “red” only to be hurtled to his demise for the equivocation. Are you one of those people for whom choosing colors is difficult? You are not alone. 

Some people are stuck in a color rut - wearing only earth tones, black or the “new black” - orange.  For others, their color scheme changes based on the season, the mood, or the weather, not unlike the Rolling Stones “She’s A Rainbow.” And many simply have no feel for it at all. There are actually more than fifty shades of gray, so the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. There is no need to feel stressed. Our paint color consultants in Westchester, NY, guide homeowners in selecting the appropriate color palette for their interior and exterior spaces. Is choosing color art or science?

Well, it’s both. If you’ve ever taken an art class, you learn that complementary colors, such as blue and orange, are directly opposite to each other on the color wheel and provide the strongest contrast. If you’ve been exposed to design, you know that select colors are better at promoting certain feelings than others. Warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow, or beige, can create an invigorating mood or add cozy intimacy to large spaces.

They can help warm up a room that has northern or eastern exposure. Blues, greens, violets, or grays, the cool colors, give a serene feeling and add spaciousness to small places. The balance between light and dark is always at play. Two other important considerations that Paint color consultants also consider how much will a daring pick delight you, and how difficult is it to correct an unfortunate decision?

Think about the range of implications in cost, effort, and utility in the color selection of a t-shirt, a hair dye, your living room walls, or the exterior of your home. Here are a couple of ways we help Westchester, NY, homeowners with paint color consultation.  For an interior paint job, find the existing dominant color you like or wish to keep in the room. It could be the color of your sofa, your flooring, or your window coverings. Determine what kind of feeling you wish to have in the room or the home. For an exterior paint job, we consider the style of the house and gauge the desire of owners to blend or contrast with natural (trees/rocks) or human-made (roofs) “permanent” elements on their property.

Going a little further afield, we review neighborhood tones, climate, levels, texture, and trim to suggest color options. Let Genesis Pro Painting assist you in making a well thought out decision with our color consulting services. We’ll bridge the gap between the heart and the head in selecting the color that you’ll enjoy for years to come. To speak to one of our experienced paint consultants, contact our Westchester, NY, offices today.

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Amy Rinzler
Amy Rinzler
12:26 16 Mar 23
Genesis was prompt, communicative, very neat and completed the job on time and beautifully. They were all a pleasure to work with!
Maile S
Maile S
23:10 24 Feb 23
We had a fantastic experience with Genesis Pro Painting & Restoration! Rodrigo and the rest of his team were very friendly, efficient, and profesional. They always left our place very clean & tidy, which we definitely appreciated as we have a puppy. The team was responsive and flexible with any repairs that needed to get done prior to painting, and the actual paint job looks amazing. We will definitely be using Genesis in the future as they made the whole process incredibly smooth from start to finish!
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